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Agathe Yamina Meziani is a Belgo-Kabylo-Greek artist based in Brussels. 
Through a blend of storytelling, performance, and humor, she navigates the complexities of personal and collective histories. Adding on an actor’s training at the Brussels Conservatory, Yamina's artistic journey encompasses digital performance (ik ben in de duinen verloren, 2018) and contemporary dance (Met liefde, 2019). In 2021, she completed her thesis on love narratives, delving into the intersection of love, identity, and storytelling. Supported by La Verrière (Brussels) for the Kabylifornie project, she also collaborates with Lucie Yerlès as part of the research project Scary & Exciting at La Bellone (Brussels). 
As a dramaturg, she collaborates with various directors and choreographers, including La Gang, Juliette Chevalier, Fanny Goerlich, Énora Boëlle, Lisa Cogniaux, Lucie Yerlès, Joey Elmaleh, and Charlotte Brihier.

Her work conveys a reflection on belonging, speculative narratives, and transformation.

Project: Kabylifornie, a journey through layers of identity, personal and collective memory, and history.