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Anna Ten (1986) is a French-Ukrainian choreographer, theatre-maker, writer and activist. She is passionate about words and speech. This rich, unpredictable material is the starting point for her playwriting and conceptual work. In 2020, she founded Seule à plusieurs. The company's practice combines documentary theatre and spoken word, contemporary dance and performance. Anna is fascinated by so-called imperfect bodies, bodies in evolution, aging bodies, bodies that bear the traces of experience and that we are not used to see on stage. Her creations always involve professional and amateur artists within a non-hierarchical horizontal framework.

As a solo artist, Anna Ten creates long-term immersive performances and collaborates with artists from other disciplines, such as electronic music, painting, visual arts, and photography. Her artistic research embraces family history, questions the performance conventions, the place of women in society, racism, and its multiple facets.

As a Ukrainian contemporary art advocate, Anna Ten created in 2014 a group of several independent female curators across Europe that has since organized numerous performance art festivals, photography exhibitions, and art residencies for artists from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Submitted project: I Lost My Age While Skipping, the last part of a triptych danced story, featuring Josiane, a 70-year-old self-taught dancer.