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Avildseen Bheekhoo is a multidisciplinary creative director based in Metz. Born in Mauritius, he grew up with films and the Internet. His work imitates cinema to create tailored immersive experiences where reality blends with fiction. His company, Heads Up, founded in 2020, proposes new inclusive ways to bring communities together through interactive shows, where performing arts serve as a powerful tool to think about the future of the cinematographic experience.

As a solo artist, Bheekhoo is currently exploring his Mauritian heritage, by telling stories on stage about the diverse and quirky communities that inhabit the tiny island. Shining light on the positive values of a multicultural setting, he also digs into the dormant and untold issues that lie in the colonial servitude and the communities’ inability to come together.

Project: Hollanda. In the aftermath of the Mauritius Island’s sinking, a lost VHS footage, shot just after the 1994 cyclone Hollanda, is discovered, revealing a psychotic episode revolving around a horny werewolf and an island on the brink of a racial war.