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A graduate of the Conservatoire National Supérieur d'Art Dramatique, Jin Xuan Mao performed with Macha Makeïeff, Roland Auzet and David Bobée, among others. He plays the role of Étienne in the Netflix series Emily in Paris and works with movie directors such as Xavier Legrand, Camille Lugan, Guillaume Canet and Rachel Suissa.

His practice is marked by the complex intersectionality that inhabits him and is forged by his commitments to queer, anti-racist and transfeminist causes. With a predilection for transdisciplinarity, his artistic practice, rich in influences, crosses theatre, dance, pop, ballroom and Chinese cultures, cinema, art of drag and burlesque. His work is an attempt to shine a light on silenced people and invisibilized lives and to bring greater authenticity and justice to queer and Asian representations. Under the name Jinix, he performs outside conventional cultural venues, creating a universe that interweaves humor, extravagance, sensuality and poetry and celebrates a life in constant metamorphosis.

Project:  My Odyssey is an ode to the obstinate quest for oneself, an incandescent celebration of reconciliation and fulfillment.