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A performer and choreographer from Buenos Aires and based in Paris, Lucía García Pullés graduated in Choreographic Composition (National University of the Arts of Buenos Aires). Cofounder with Delfina Thiel and Samanta Leder of La Monton dance company in 2014, she is recipient of research fellowships in Uruguay (Bienal de Arte Joven), Argentina (Program Laboratorio de Acción) and France (Adami Foundation).

As a performer, she collaborates with choreographers Mathilde Monnier, Volmir Cordeiro, Marcela Santander Corvalán and Marcos Arriola. She is currently working on her new creations Mother Tongue and Luz Mala.

Her work revolves around notions of identity, transformation, collective memory and the fictional narratives that build imaginary throughout subjectivities. Elements of literature, theatre and sound art dialogue together, while the body hosts fluid intersections. García Pullés is interested in hybridation of languages and overflowing presence to twist common sense and multiply the possibilities of being.

Project: A solo performance dialoguing with sound, Mother Tongue blends the need to survive, the fear of disappearing and the desire for fiction. It tells García Pullés’ personal story between tongues, and with her tongue, to trace possible echoes.