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Based between Beirut and Brussels, Stephanie Kayal (1989) is a choreographer and performing artist. She uses dance, music, and texts to reflect with subtle dark humor and a cold irony on the confusion of today’s world challenged by our desperate need for meaning.

Relying on stories and personal testimonies from Beirut, she examines, investigates and dissects the worldwide absurdity, longing for acceptation.

After Evidence of Things Not Seen (2021), she premiered at NEXT Festival (Belgium) her second creation Galactic Crush (2022), crossing superpowers, anti-heros, and naivety in times of hopelessness, in collaboration with Abeb Kobeissy (music composer and performer).

In 2023, she launched The Time It Took You To Realize It Was a Dream, a new installation performance at KIOSK in Ghent.

Her dance projects have been selected for residencies and grants such as Sundance Theatre Lab, Culture Resource Production Grants, Zoukak Mentorship Program and Support Grant, Mophradat’s Art Time residency/ Kunstencentrum BUDA, Frankfurt Moves & KFW Stiftung, DiR - Fabrik moves Potsdam, and Workspacebrussels.

Submitted project: a performance starting with two artists, friends and lovers, fleeing mass exodus and global crisis on earth in a DIY spaceship…