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Daring to Call Out

MC93 have chosen to start with its in-house teams to explore issues surrounding diversity, and more specifically, racism. The professional world reflects the society in which it develops. As such, issues related to racism cannot be ignored and need to be called out, especially when it tends to manifest itself through behaviours, comments, and biases that may seem harmless to the people who express them but are disparaging to the people concerned who experience them. On June 30th, 2023, initial in-house discussions with a dozen employees from different departments led to the conclusion that it was necessary to train together.

Indeed, as a structure with an emancipatory role to play, it seems essential to foster a respectful working environment for all those who work here. To this end, the MC93 has decided to launch a seminar on the issue of racism.

The main goal is to raise our teams’ awareness of the root causes of racism and all the problematic behaviours and statements that stem from them, to provide concrete tools for recognizing and combating discrimination, and to promote open and constructive dialogue about these sensitive issues. In 2024, speakers (academics, authors, activists) specializing in anti-racism and the social sciences will be invited. These presentations will address the theoretical aspects of the issue, but also encourage exchange and discussion within our teams.

What’s next?

Ultimately, the aim is to enlist the help of guest speakers to set up an internal protocol to prevent and report inappropriate behaviour and comments. A member of the permanent team will be appointed to act as guarantor of this protocol, responsible for collecting testimonials. In addition to the seminars, a library open to staff will be set up.

MC93 will be supporting Saphir Belkheir’s project (CommonLAB 2023 artist) to produce a handbook for teachers and artists involved in transmission, particularly within the fields of performing and circus arts.

Pays de rien © Najwa Hakiri