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Starting with the teams to better understand diversity

The Théâtre National therefore chose to see the teams as a starting point to launch a reflection on the values of diversity, under the guidance of Safia Kessas - journalist, director and member of the Common Stories Advisory Committee, and Laurie Hanquinet - Doctor in political and social sciences at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, focusing on the performing arts and diversity.

How is diversity experienced within and between teams, between teams and outside artists, and how is it perceived in programming? In concrete terms, the 2023-24 season was devoted to diagnosing the situation through a series of five collective workshops with the various theatre teams that guaranteed the freest possible spaces for expression. It was about identifying internally the different takes on diversity.

At the same time, the Théâtre National is committed to bolstering a library that specifically concentrates on diversity issues and that staff can access to nourish and pursue their reflections.

What’s next?

Following the June meetings, a conclusion will be drawn up and initial recommendations will be shared with the Théâtre National team. On this basis, a diversity plan will be set up. It will be steered by a support committee, made up of one volunteer per department and one deputy, with a rotating presidency. This working group will determine the next steps to be taken, as well as the approaches and methods to be implemented.

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