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Billie Willett (1991) is a queer, autistic playwright, dramaturg, and occasional performer fascinated by the mechanism of horror. Currently based in Stockholm, she started her writing journey in Edinburgh. In 2017, she graduated from Queen Margaret University with a BA in Drama and Performance and immediately went on to co-found the all-female company Nevermore Theatre. With the company, Billie produced her plays EH16: Pyre and Suppose there was an Accident for the Edinburgh Horror Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She also performed in the true crime show Serial Killer Cabaret at the London Horror Festival and again this year at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Billie explores alternative approaches to creating dramatic texts and began experimenting with physical theatre techniques alongside her written scripts, in order to express what cannot been grasped through traditional dialogue. She uses elements from horror and surrealism to create dark, often violent, plays about isolation, and the oppressive powers of norms, expectations, and laws. Billie has been a reader for several of the London Horror Festival’s playwriting competitions and accompanies new writers who work in the horror genre.

Project: Willett is writing a theatre play text based on her personal family’s history around disability and autism in the context of the eugenics policy carried out in Sweden until 1975.