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How is diversity experienced in the cultural world ?

The Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles (TN) chose to develop a process of reflection around the values of diversity with its internal and external teams. All together, they will think about how diversity is experienced within and between teams, between internal theatre teams and external artists, and how it is perceived in programming.

Planned over three years, this work began in 2023–24 with the preparation of a diagnosis through collective and individual interviews and the creation of spaces with total freedom of expression. The second phase will see recommendations drawn up on the basis of the previously established diagnosis. In the third year, a diversity committee will be set up to support the theatre's drive towards greater diversity, in particular by implementing a measurable diversity plan including quantified and achievable objectives.

The first step was to set up discussion groups with each of the TN's professional teams in order to gather everyone's point of view on the subject of diversity. Following the discussions, the different groups seem to have different levels of awareness and desire, and the barriers identified require a level of training and adherence to the National Theatre's values that need to be reaffirmed collectively.

It also seems important that management be involved in sharing TN's goals and ideals and that a resource person be identified in each group in the future to act as an interface between teams on diversity issues. Finally, adherence to practical objectives, such as the use of inclusive writing, could lead employees to a heightened awareness of diversity on a day-to-day basis.